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February 14, 2009 7:28pm CST
what can you say about cockatiels? i'm planning to have them as a companion. are they great pets? please help me. thanks alot!
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28 Feb 09
Oh yes my son gave me one fro Christmas,i had never really been a big fan of birds,but he is so sweet.He grey with a yellow x on the back of his head,my son and his girl friend named him Rob Zombie he justs around, sleeps,sings and he when he wants me in the room he will say come here.I had no idea they talked.I really him he is so much company,he also gets along with my dogs very well.Good luck they do make good companions.
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20 Feb 09
I have had several cockateils and I just love them as pets. They are very affictionate, smart, and entertaining. I loved watching the pair of them waling down the hall. I reminded me of two old couples strolling in the part hand in hand. They also liked standing on my one sons bowl of grits every morning and helping him eat it. One work of caution, if you do let them walk around the house, carpet can be deadly for them or any bird. One thing is they can get there toes caught in the fibers. Secondly the fibers are manmade and if they should happen to see something in the carpet and try to injest it and get some carpet fiber with it, this manmade fiber gets caught in their crop and can be fatal. My vet warning me about and said this is the number one killer in his opinion. But my two enjoyed sitting on the sofa with me, especially snuggly in the crook of my neck. One we had gotten at a very young age and he learned to whistle "this old man" but what was funny is he would forget where he was and keep starting over. REdo REdo I guess is what he thought he needed. But they are so entertaining, and try to start and keep them on healthy food "pellets" alot of seed is not a good balance diet for them or any bird. But fruits and vegies, legumes, and pasta are great for them. Ours were like family and they would just walk from plate to plate eating people food. Some may find this gross, but they didn't poop on the table and they were very well cleaned up after. But don't let anyone fool you, birds make wondrful pets, I have a green cheeked conure and a military macaw I love them both and are my new children since mine own children are married now. But Birds ARE VERY MESSY!!! Cockateils love attention (I think all birds do) and they usually with give attention and affection in return. They are very entertaining, they can talk, sing and whistle. They need to be trained to to this but with repediveness it can be done. You can also get info online on what is the best "people" food for them, the best type of bird diet for them and how to get the most from them. They do like to make chirping sounds and I always got a pair, they can live fine alone, but I've found that seem much more friendly and happy with a mate. Or atleast one other bird to keep the other one company. This is helpful if you work and they will be alone for a period of time. Mine also like small toys in their cage, even though they were only in their cage if I was going to gone for a long time (full time job) but other than that they were out of their cage and free to roam. I did keep their wings cut (get both wings cut regularly, don't let someone tell you that only one wing needs to be cut.) And you have to keep their toe nails trimmed.I prefer birds over dogs and cats. But I live in apartments, and I've never been told that I coulnt have the birds, nor have I had to put up any kind of pet security deposit. These are problems you can run into with dogs and cats. I like them very much but having dogs or cats in my lifestyle would be unfair to the animals. Cuttle bone hanging in their cage is good, but putting "grit" into their food is not, accourding to my vet, it too can be harmful to their crop. Do not let them have any chocoalate, avacado, carbonated drinks, these are deadly for them inclding coffee, but my little bird drinks it all the time and he's 10 yrs. old and extremely healthy. When purchasing, make sure there eyes are bright and clear, that there aren't any missing toes, have nice smooth soft feathers, active, if you see one standing on one foot while resting on a perch that is a good sign. Look for eye or nose drainage, not good. So do some research to make sure you know how to spot a healthy bird, dont always take the pet store or persons word for it. Once you realize a bird is sick, alot of times by that point it is already to late to be saved. So research, learn, so you can get a healthy bird, provide a fun and healthy liftestyle for it (them) watch them closly when their loose so that don't get into danerous things, electical cords, if you do crafts, no beads or small objects that they could pick up thinking its food. They are like kids, very curious and have to check everything out and 9 out of 10 times put it in their mouth. I know that it may sound a bit over whelming, but it is really easy, mostly common sense, and will offer you loads of entertainment, companionship, and love.
@sacmom (14250)
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16 Feb 09
They are pretty docile birds and can make wonderful pets. I currently have one and he's absolutely wonderful. Keep in mind you may want to go through either a breeder or a bird shop that has hand fed babies or young cockatiels. This will give you a better chance at getting one that is tame. Good luck!