lost & found

February 14, 2009 7:58pm CST
Ever found something that isn't yours ? Be it on the road, in the office, in school , on the floor , in the toilet. Did you keep it ? Was it valuable ? Did you try to find the owner and return it? Did you get a word of thanks ? Once , I found an expensive phone on the floor . Eventough I was rushing , i still took my time in finding the owner . After half an hour , i finally located the owner. And after all my effort , the least i could expect was a thanks . The owner didn't even bother to look back . Till this day , I'm still continuing these good deeds tough . It's really satisfying to see the look on the face of grateful people when they get their things returned to them :) How about you people ? Anything lost BUT found again ? or... Anything found BUT kept? :) Do share :)
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