Blink 182 is back: what to expect.

February 14, 2009 9:41pm CST
Now that the San Diego band is back, and having said what they did and fought among themselves as they did, what you expect to happen with their music. Also note the different music ways they took when they splitted. Mark and Travis keeping the same line as Blink, and Tom going to a really different style trying to create a superband.
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@Mywrlot (95)
• Malaysia
16 Feb 09
Woohoo! Where did you get the good news from ? Their a great band :) so many classic hits from them . I miss you , all the small things , I could go on and on :)
• Malaysia
17 Feb 09
Wicked . looks like you've really done yr research . keep me updated :) I can't wait for them to be back! blinkoneeighttwo!!
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@iharidh (308)
• Indonesia
12 Jan 10
that's what i heard, that they split for different ways of music. if they want to reunite in blink, they have to also reunite their views of music. personally, i really want them to be back, and start hearing their albums again.
@icecubic (1845)
• Indonesia
12 Oct 09
yeah, i wanna say "i like that"