where do you spend your money?

@rayven00 (115)
February 15, 2009 5:09am CST
until now im jobless! but where do you spend your money most of the time?
4 responses
• China
15 Feb 09
most of my money spent on the mortgage of house.i have to spent half of my salary on it.and the rest money i usually spent on eating and clothing.if i have the rest still ,i will save the up. but it is chicken feed.
@GemmaR (8524)
15 Feb 09
I will spend a lot of mine on food and bills. Whatever I have left I will spend on clothes and days out. I love to go out with my friends, and I work especially hard online to make sure that I will be able to do that as much as I would like to. I'm also going to start giving some money to charity as soon as I can afford to do so, but I am yet to pick which charity I should give the money to.
@max1950 (2313)
• United States
15 Feb 09
fishing equipment, rods,reels etc and trucks.
@djemba (767)
• India
15 Feb 09
Well I'm jobless too but i spend my pocket money on all sorts of things like latest trendy clothes,on my guitar classes,going out with my friends,gifts and lots of other stuff every month.but somehow all the pocket money i get seems to be a little less than i need so i end up crushing one of my needs or lets call them luxuries..