How does gomezpeer make money?

February 15, 2009 9:05am CST
Hi, I'm wondering why does gomezpeer pay us for being online. Do you know why? I'm also wondering if whatever software that we downloaded has any tracking device to track our computer system that may steal our private information. I was just being scolded for downloading malicious software (that gomez installation thingy), I'm now very wary of what I'm downloading. Do you know what you are downloading? You may be downloading some tracking software to your PC or some virus that you may not know when it may attack. Would really like to hear from all of your comments and feedback. Thanks.
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• Japan
15 Feb 09
I am quoting this Wikipedia entry about Gomez Peer. It is listed as one of distributed computing projects: Gomez Peer is a commercial distributed computing project that uses peers' computers to measure the real-world performance of websites. They pay the active peers 0.10$ for being online more than 20 hours a day and 0.0005$ for each processing minute. Each peer can install their program on more than one computer and sum up online and processing time. Payments are distributed by PayPal (you must have a minimum of $5 to get a payment). Source:
• Singapore
16 Feb 09
Ok thanks.