United States
February 15, 2009 11:08am CST
I've been diagnosed for over a year now. And recently gone to a neurologist because the severity and frequency is increasing. I seem to get multiple headaches a day, And nothing really seems to help. Haven't gotten my bloodwork, MRI or EEG results yet. But I will on the 24. And I'm actually really nervouss.. =/ Do you suffer from migraines? Or any other type of re-occuring headaches? What triggers these? What cures them?
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
15 Feb 09
I used to get frequent migraine attacks when I was in my pre-teens. The attacks were so bad that I had to see the doctor. I was assured that the attacks would lessen as I get older. My migraine attacks were partly caused by something in the food that I ate. Maybe it also had to do with changes to my body as they were severe before I reached puberty. The doctor gave me paracetamol. Later on I simply went to sleep. Nowadays I tend to get a headache when exposed to strong lights. They are not as severe as years ago. all the best, rosdimy
@sedel1027 (17852)
• United States
15 Feb 09
I sometimes get migraines and they seem - for the most part - to be more hormonal than anything else. I suggest before going on any meds, that is where you start.
@maximax8 (29134)
• United Kingdom
15 Feb 09
My older sister suffers terrible migraines and she doesn't suffer with them during pregnancy. So I think with her it is hormonal bother. She has a migraine with violent sickness. Stress can also give some people a migraine and so relaxing helps like a warm bath. It could be an allergy to a particular type of food like cow's milk, wheat or gluten. I can get headaches but not migraines. I find fresh air, drinking water and relaxing help. Good luck.