whats the bad thing about being smart?

Trinidad And Tobago
February 15, 2009 11:55am CST
in my class we hav alot of group projects, and sense im smartest and most reliable in my group dey chose me as group leader, in som way i think its better dis way so i can make sure things are set straight so at d end of the day my work is done and my marks are allocated, but being leader isnt all dat fun and easy, cause all d other members depend on the leader and if dey dont pull there own slack, its the entire group dats gonna pay for dat one persons slackness
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• United States
16 Feb 09
If you are the smartest, then you will have to get used to working with those who aren't as smart as you. It is good experience to lead the group. Theoretically, in the real world, you will be over people who aren't as smart as you. That is how it is supposed to work. The key is inspiring your group members to do good work. Figure out a way to punish them for slacking off. If you are truly the smartest, this won't be your only time to have that problem.
@ellie26 (4133)
• Malaysia
15 Feb 09
In my opinion, the bad thing about being smart is that when smart people failed in anything they do, it will be a big dissapointment to them.