myLot, my posts have decreased?

February 15, 2009 1:05pm CST
I don't quite understand this, earlier my posts were 73 and now when I logged in again they have been reduced to 69. Can someone delete my posts as well. What is happening, is there some kind of a bug?
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• Philippines
15 Feb 09
you are baffled because you are still a newbie in mylot, armageddon. there are some discussions which get deleted because they have violated some mylot rules. once the discussion was deleted, so will your response to it goes with it. once this happens, your earned points get deducted, too. this explains for points deducted per responses posted. now, there are some discussions which are considered to be violative per mylot standard. these will also get deleted. if this happens to your discussion, your discussion disappears. the points and earnings from that particular discussion will also be deducted from you. now, it will be necessary for you to read all the rules and regulations here in mylot. study them because, they are of utmost importance in your survival here in the community. just keep on mylotting. go read the faqs now. don't be discouraged. this is all a part of our mylot life. i have so much of my share of this experience, too.
• India
16 Feb 09
Thanks for the suggestion, was of great help!
• United States
16 Feb 09
I know what you mean, I have lost about 10 posts in the last week, I had a discussion that I started and it didnt show up, so I started it again and then I had 2 discussions under the same topic/heading... so that got deleted... my others have stayed but I am guessing some of them that I responded too got deleted so you lose those posts... I have been here for a little over a month and I am learning, I know watch what posts I answer in hopes they dont get deleted. good luck and happy mylotting.
@GemmaR (8517)
15 Feb 09
If a discussion gets deleted then your posts will go down also. So you must have participated in a couple that got deleted. You'll soon get your posts back up there though, so I wouldn't worry about it. Just try not to participate in discussions that look a bit dodgy, then you won't have to worry about them being deleted.
@wheel416 (1019)
• Canada
15 Feb 09
Hi there, and welcome to Mylot! No one can delete your postings (not even you) accept for the Mylot Administration. Sometimes, one of two things will happen which causes your posting count to go down. First, you may have posted a comment which was in violation of the terms of service here on Mylot or someone else posted a response that was in violation of the terms of service which resulted in part of a discussion thread to be deleted. The next reason that you may see an even greater decrease in your post count is if an entire discussion thread or multiple discussion threads are deleted at once because someone (not necessarily you) was in violation of the posting guidelines here for Mylot. I hope that this helps, and if you have not already done so, I would suggest reading the mylot posting guidelines. Here is the link. And, again welcome to mylot and happy posting!