Tell me am I wrong? Valentine's Day question

United States
February 15, 2009 7:04pm CST
For Valentine's day my boyfriend brought me, some crap from victoria secret, and I wish that he had leaf it there, he brought a see-throw night gown. Now I don't want to seem ungrateful because I know it is the thought that count, but why couldn't he buy me some red roses, a balloon and some chocolate. The reason why I am mad about the gift he brought me is because I felt like all he wanted for Valentine's Day was for me to fullfill one of his se+ fantasies. He didn't even take me out to dinner or surprise me by cooking dinner. Anyway do you think I am wrong to be mad?
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@xnekox (97)
• Australia
16 Feb 09
Wow, i would've been heaps angry. I mean if that was the only thing he got or did for u, you have the right to think and feel like what you felt, because that would be what i would feel definitely. But then again, maybe he thought it was a joke thing that you guys can laugh about? I don't know, but somehow i think, you shouldn't get too mad, like be angry for a while, but don't lead it to you guys separating or anything, because i think its a bit wrong, to be angry and dump someone because they didn't get you a present on valentines day ...