Family Guy...What do you think?

February 15, 2009 8:24pm CST
So what do you think of this show. It seem to be so popular with hundereds of ring tones, it airs on many stations and had been on the air for many seasons. Not to mention all the merchandise they have thier faces on. But what do you all think? I must admit that I do watch Family hubby loves it so most times that I watch it is becuase he wants to. I think part of what makes it entertaining is because it is soo wrong most of the times...and i sit there and wonder how they can get away with half of what they do. How disturbed the minds of the writers must be. Yet i still laugh and watch the show. Maybe because it is so crazy and wrong it makes it funny. Or maybe its' wrong to even watch it...what does everybody else think about Family guy?
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16 Feb 09
i really like it. i find it very humorous. there's nothing wrong with laughing. sometimes they have been known to go a step too far, but most of the time it's just great adult humor. i don't think i would let my daughter watch it until she was in highschool, but i find nothing wrong with the show given the right audience.
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