Do you believ in demonic possession?

@pillusch (1148)
February 15, 2009 8:56pm CST
First of all, I do believe that evil exists, and it exists in evil people. There are not very many of them (but they tend to move around a lot LOL), and I consider it to be a spiritual disease. It is very difficult to treat, since, by their nature, evil people believ themselves to be
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• United States
16 Feb 09
Nope,demonic possession is religious concept.If the Church can convince people that they have no free will and could be the victim of a demonic takeover,people will then be easy to,I'd better do what they tell me or a demon could GET ME!)People can do evil things(just because they like it)They have a free will and they decide things according to a moral code .
• United States
16 Feb 09
I would agree that the majority of evil things such as murder, etc are done simply by sociopaths who have no moral code. I do however know that there are enough reported and documented cases of true possession to not dismiss them lightly. I do agree that there are those fanatics, as with any religion, that seem to think everyone is possessed. In watching the history channel series on The Seven Deadly Sins they had a pastor on there that was a fanatic. He believed if someone was over-weight, they were filled with the demon gluttony, not that the person may have eaten too many calories and not exercised. I agree with free will, but as you mentioned there are those of weaker minds (not to sound all Sith or what not) that are easily influenced and possessed. Most people of strong wills cannot be possessed. I'm not saying you are wrong, but in this world I think it does us good to realize we're not alone, that there are things that move unseen, and that we should be aware of such things. (Wow, that sounded all Dan Akroyd huh).
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
18 Feb 09
I do believe that it is possible for a person to be possessed by at least another entity, and I do believe that there are evil people who are not possessed but capable of doing extremely bad things. For this reason I am not quick to blame demonic possession for extraordinary acts done by certain people. Sometimes possessed people do not behave in strange or evil ways. Nevertheless they can be detected by people who are used to them. Sometimes people who disbelieve change their minds after seeing the same thing happening to someone close to them. all the best, rosdimy
• United States
16 Feb 09
This seems like more of a spiritual/religous question, but it's a fascinating topic. Yes, I do believe that they still exist. I agree that they can be very difficult to treat as the person who is possessed must want to have the exorcism performed in order for it to be effective. I believe though that anyone suspected of being possessed should have a full mental evaluation first. There are many mental illnesses that can give off the appearance of a possession. I also suggest that those doing exorcisms should be trained in the area and experienced.