What would you do if today is the last day u had in your life ?

November 9, 2006 7:01pm CST
I would probably spend the last days with my family and the people that i love to be with.
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@chanfrado (1160)
• Portugal
5 Jan 07
I prefer not to think about it!
20 Feb 07
LOL ... thanks for your comment chanf.
• United States
15 Dec 06
i would marry my girlfriend
16 Dec 06
I bet she would be really happy to know that lol ... :) Thanks for your comment
• Portugal
11 Dec 06
I would like to know 2/3 days earlier, then I past a day making crazy things that I never done, and the others with my family, not to saying goodbye, just farewell.
11 Dec 06
lol thanks for your reply :)
• Belgium
10 Nov 06
First i would have a lot of fun and later i would spend my last moments with my family saying goodbye and all
10 Nov 06
So maibe i guess... the important thing is life is probably ... family?
@pedumfio (667)
• Canada
20 Dec 06
I would tell my boss to go to hell. I would spend as much time as i could with my kids.
@Ohara_1983 (4119)
• Kuwait
15 Dec 06
yes:) of course to spend my last days to my family, happy to accept that he need to get the life that you barrowed to him.