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@bgerig (1258)
United States
February 15, 2009 10:10pm CST
1. what is the difference between mercy and pity? 2. what is the difference between gratitude and thankfulness?
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@JenInTN (27545)
• United States
26 Mar 09
Hi bgerig! For me I would say mercy is what I have for someone and pity is what I feel. One is in my control and the other is not. Gratitude is what I owe and thankfulness is what I have.
• United States
9 Mar 09
Gratitude and thankfulness are the same. mercy is more than pity. Mercy implys that you have power over someone and you let up and show mercy. But pity is just feeling sorry for someone, anyone powerful or not. I feel pity for a rich and powerful person while a powerful person can show mercy to his employees.
• Malaysia
16 Feb 09
Good questions actually, to test my level of understanding the synonymous application degrees of words. Mercy is use when it involve power of organization or individuals to render the following helps as a must and pity is the common feeling of sympathy which still in contemplation status in rendering helps for not or yes. Whereas between gratitude and thankfulness, gratitude is the quality or feeling of being grateful and used in formal occasion or event. Thankfulness is feeling or expressing appreciation in common communication language.
• United States
16 Feb 09
1. mercy to me would be some one feeling compassion to some one that deserved it and in a respectful way like if some one had cancer and i would feel horrible for them and feel bad at their luck since it isnt their fault.. pity would be like some one looking down on some one with not as much respect.. like oh thats too bad but no biggie or they brought it on themselves etc... 2. gratitude to me would feel like i was forced to be grateful but if it was thankfulness i would feel more sincere.. but thats just me or how i view it.. a lot of people would prob think there isnt a difference but to me there is just a different tone of feeling with each word