Wedding proposals

February 16, 2009 1:11am CST
How did you propose to your wife? or How did your husband propoe to you? or have you witnessed a very uniques wedding proposal? Please share guys. I will start. My friend proposed to his girlfriend during a concert of an international rock band in our country. Her girlfriend is a die hard fan of the band so my friend immediately bought 2 tickets when he heard the news that the rock band will be having a concert in our country. He contacted the band and explained to them that he is planning to make a wedding proposal during their concert. This is really sweet andd touching. At the middle of the concert, the vocalist called my friend to go on stage. He made the proposal while the band is playing softly their theme song as a background. I can't name the song, but it is also an original song from that rock band. The audience were thrilled by that lovely scene. My friend received a standing ovation and admiration from the crowd. And of course, they had their weddin 5 months after. Now they have 2 lovely kids.
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• India
16 Feb 09
Pretty good story. I hope you would tell the name of the band so that others can contact them in order to propose.