Is there anyone here has ever learned musical instruments?

February 16, 2009 2:07am CST
I learned piano when i was 7 years old and entered a more famous high school because good performing,then I became a member of string band and learned flute,also member of brass band and learned cello... I love music very much,it makes my life more colorful,although i am not a professional performer now, but i play these instruments three or four times a week... All friends here,how about you...
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
16 Feb 09
Awesome, I never really had lessons I had to self teach myself from tapes or books... Harmonica, recorder, The Music maker giggles, The Bodhran, A Native american Deer skin drum, Rattles, The only musical lessons I had was in Choir. I learned how to note read from that... and how to use my voice low e to a high b vocal range... The best musical insturment I have is my voice, and I like to tap, stomp, and drum on things I am standing around... I also have a naturally high pitched whistle.. You can hear me on youtube search DNatureofDTrain lol.. But I am nothing famous or professional and I had walking pneumonia when I recorded them so I had troubles breathing right I was seriously out of breath doing the Rock Island line nearly killed me.. I was so out of breath out of that one lol... But I do have my Heinzist Chants for sale.. as I try to make my first musical hit lol. I if I get to learn how to hold the instruments and the scale with it. from there I usually can play anything I hear.. Take care :) - DNatureofDTrain
• China
17 Feb 09
I'm envious of you have experience in Choir,you know in our country almost without chance because diffirent religion.... and I'm so sorry to hear about your pneumonia... Thank you for your humour respond. Have a nice day!-Carol