Internet exposure

February 16, 2009 3:10am CST
In the Modern world use of computer and internet has no limits. From the school kids to the elderly citizens Internet has been of great use. Every department has been modernized and we are able to get the accurate information or details in a fraction of minutes. Even the Students of school and college neglect the usage of library and prefer to Internet for getting information. Any how internet has been of great use in the modern world. Thanks to the inventors of computers and Internet
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
16 Feb 09
The Internet is what I dreamed of .. of course I did not invent it, but I do have psychic abilities... And when I was 8 years old in 3rd grade... Learning how to make Cards online.. I had barely any friends, no one wanted much to do with me... other then to mess with my head... And Those darn green and black mac computers the moment I touched them.. they would crash :) .... I hated computers, and I closed my eyes, and asked.. If there would ever be a time when I liked computers... and I got an image of myself in my preteen years... Typing to my sister, that is my biological sister adopted to another home, We were always mad as we could not talk because we are long distance and it was expensive... In the vision, I was typing to my sister, and someone from India, and Someone from Texas... I thought awesome! It was year 1988 .. And I told my friends that would be so cool if we could all type in the same place, and everyone read our typing and chat with together... So in 1993 .. When my parents got their own computer... and I heard about websurfing I was so excited. Wow! I can read about Trains and Railroads all I want to! And learn about anything else I am curious about... Then I discovered's chatrooms... And that is when I went from nearly anti social to suddenly Socializing alot.. I would test my topics, and ideas in the chat, before I brought them up to my friends at school .. I for once was understood :) ... The internet made me grow very knowledgealbe and smart, Improved my typing speed, and writing skills.... And helped me learn to socialize... and my dream came true.. I have friends from all over the world, Many cultures and religions.. And could talk to my sister all night long.. or at least till our parents cause us talking with eachother and ran us off to bed :) . :).. Then came voice chat. I voice chatted for 5 years.. My family all thought I was talking and singing to myself all night, until one day I turned the volume up so they could hear my friends responding to wanting me to sing Crazy Train again for the 100th time in yahoo chat... before it got bad.. I no longer hang in yahoo chat.. it has been over ran by booters, hackers, and criminals... - DNatureofDTrain