Why do we wear clothes?

@tudors (1556)
February 16, 2009 8:50am CST
Nature has supplied every animal except man with some covering for his body such as fur, hair, feather, shells or a thick hide. But man has nothing but a thin skin. Clothes are worn for a great many reasons like to keep warm, for protection. Besides, we wear clothes to some extent in order to decorate ourselves, to make ourselves more dignified, graceful or picturesque than we are. Special clothes are often worn to show that the wearer has authority or power. The individual wearing them is treated with respect because he occupies a place. The judge on the bench, for instance, might look a very ordinary and umimpressive without his wig and gown. Clothes are an essential part of all ceremonial occasions, whther connected with religion, the law, parliament, royalty, the fighting forces. Sometimes, even in civilized countries, people wear some article of clothing or some jewe or charm, because they believe that it will bring them luck or protect them from evil or illness, or because it is connected with their beliefs.
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• Australia
21 Apr 09
We normally wear clothes for protection against environment and dirty minded people hehehe. The clothes we wear are changing and it depends to the climate we have like wearing soft cotton during summer and wearing thick clothes or jacket on cold season.
@mysdianait (66117)
• Italy
24 Feb 09
For respect other than the cold? If some of us didn't wear clothes, myself included, it would not really be a pretty sight for others to see To let us have something to think about? If we all wander around naked it wouldn't leave anything tothe imagination. It's nice being able to thimk about what might be under clothes - don't you think?
@Tianna2 (1273)
• United States
16 Feb 09
I believe that our tolorances for all of the different weather we have makes clothing a necesity. If its to cold, we could freeze, if its to hot we could get sunburn and/or skin cancer. Some items such as bra's and jock straps keep certain body parts from bouncing everywhere and hurting or getting sore. I for one am glad that we have clothing for clothing can cover up quite a few imperfections on my body. Hugs, Tianna
• United States
16 Feb 09
Humans do not need clothing, but it makes us more dynamic.. if humans were un-educated un-advanced people and we did not have fire or anything like that. we could not live anywhere where it was cold and would be a creature only found in warm environments.