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@MythiliK (141)
February 16, 2009 11:31am CST
Sometime before, my husband and his colleagues arranged a party for their client side employees (who are mostly from France, German). The strict instruction from the clients was, they need only authenticate Indian home made foods and not from hotels. Though the total count of my husband's colleagues is nearly 35, only 5 live with family here. So, we gals at home got the menu list. Mine was to cook Veg rice, Chicken gravy, Aloo Mutter gravy (Potato & peas) and Prawn fry. I cooked all the items, and was certified as good by my husband. But Prawn fry was little hot & spicy. Party started and Prawn was the first item to get over first.I felt happy. The final, thanking session started. The guy who thanked finally said "Now I understood why Indians use water in toilet instead of tissue paper :) I may need to sit in my bath tub for a whole day, as I liked that Prawn fry much and had a lot. Thanks to Mythili". A Big smile, what else I can do?
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• Malaysia
16 Feb 09
When you do talking about the original Indian cuisine, I can't resist for two (2) types of it and I do like very very very(I don't know for how many "very" to type here) much much much. First, is the Fish Head Curry...pergghh! it really can make fly to the moon, Mythili. Secondly, is nan bread taking with chicken tandoori...peeewww! the world can spin the other way round(clockwise). I don't know for what special reasons that makes me do like much for both, actually. But it really makes me an epicure to its deliciousness. Especially, when that Fish Head Curry taken with rice on the banana leaf...huhhhhh! hard for me to butts off!. Thanks for providing this "delicious" to go to Indian House Curry restaurant....nowwwwwwwwww...bye bye!