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February 16, 2009 1:08pm CST
Why is it mostly taekwondo practitioner don't know how to used their hands in sparring? Are they allow to used their fist?
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• Philippines
17 Feb 09
taekwondo is a type of martial arts, alright. now, remember that different types of martial arts also, take into consideration, different types of fighting skills and stunts. for taekwondo in particular, the martial artist takes discipline and expertise in the use of both feet, that is the left and the right, in defending oneself and in making attacks, too. this explains why you will see those taekwondo people mostly using their feet only.
• Philippines
18 Feb 09
So they really know how to used their hands and how come they seldom using of it?
• China
7 Mar 09
I'm a girl,and I have learned taekwondo for three years.However,I still don't know how to and when to ues fist.In my opinion,it is may because of the goal that we trained for.Some of us only practice taekwondo for keeping fit or trying to be more self-confident.For that reason,we'd like to kick to look cool. So some people especially girls don't like learn and use fist.And the rule of taekwondo match make the fist seems not useful.