ComparedBy is scaring me...

United States
February 16, 2009 1:32pm CST
I'm sure most of you know the paid reviewing site, you get 25 cents per quick review, $1 per extended review, and $2 per extended review IF you're the first person to write a review for the product. So.. I've been a rookie member since early Jan. I've written 10 reviews all worth $2 each, they were not copied from anywhere, completely original, included both description and opinion - There is no way they can NOT pay me my $20 for these reviews. Enough said about that. Anyways... I log on a few days ago I see 3 of my 10 reviews missing and my remaining 7 reviews have their earning values all in disarray i.e. one says 25 cents and one says $1, etc. They made a blog post saying they were exp. technical difficulty and this was one of the symptoms and not to worry. Regardless, my stuff has been #12 on the waiting to be paid list for a week, I got an e-mail from them last night saying all my reviews will be cleared by tomorrow. They mention nothing that was rejected or anything. I log on today, I see 3 reviews instead of 10 on my account. But if I search for all my reviews manually on the site, they DO show up, they just don't show up when I go to the "my reviews" section of my profile. I'm getting very scared about what's going on here. I mean if they rejected a review they would LET YOU KNOW about it right? If this all goes down hill I'm leaving compared by and writing my reviews on reviewstream or
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• India
17 Feb 09
Dude same thing hapnd with me. My reviews had earned quite some amount of money last month and then today after exactly one monht when i logged into my account all my earnings are aeroed!
@joystick7 (728)
• India
17 Feb 09
Comparedby has stopped $2.00. the max they pay is $1.00 now.. even through on some reviews it may show u $2.00.. they still will pay u $1.00.. The site is always under construction since the time it has been set up. I have noticed that whenever they come close to payment they make some changes or reject your review. They will notify u if that happens. Personally the site is very very very unstable and it is better you spend your time on or
@daneg33 (1131)
• Canada
16 Feb 09
Sounds like a total scam/crock. I bet what they are doing is using your reviews as content on their own blogs and/or webs. Run away now and don't give them any more free content!!!! At least get paid for it on elance or something.