do some workout in the morning

February 16, 2009 10:44pm CST
My younger sister want to lose weight and she asked me to compay doing execising with her in the morning .We quit it yesterday morning for raining ;this morning ,when the alarm clock starts to ring ,my younger sister has wake up .We do some warming up in outdoor and then we ran slowly around the not far playground. We kept on execising until the daybreak .I feel a little sour in my muscle ,after all ,it is the first day to execise .We will go on .when i looked up the tress ,i found some are in bloom and some are spousing .spring is coming .spring is good to work out ,everything starts to become energetic and vigour .Do you like execising or have the habit to work out in the morning .pls share it with me ,may everyone have good health.
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• United States
17 Feb 09
I wish that I could workout in the morning, but I am busy until later in the afternoon, at about 3:00 pm I get home, so it has to be after that. But then by then I am tired and need a nap, so at night time I work out if I decide to workout that day. Exercising should be pretty easy for me though because we have three treadmills, I find excuses not too though haha. Sometimes I just spend too much time here on mylot! I need to take a break from here sometime and do something else hehe. Well anyways, good luck with your work outs, happy mylotting, and have a great day or night over there!
17 Feb 09
I also have the same problem with you that I always have the excuses not to do exercising .so I have a companion .workout and reading loudly in the morning ,i have plan it for a long time ,but i did not act it until my younger sister asked me to do so .I think two people execise together can encourage each other .Workout makes you feel ease after you sweat .If you are busy ,you don't need to do execise everyday ,maybe two or three day per week ,you can also look for a partnar .and it is harm to sit front in the computer long ,sometimes ,i felt my shoulder pain and sour when i sit near the computer one hour .Everyone knows it also bad for our eyes .Be happy mylotting.