Current Indo-Pak relations

February 17, 2009 5:53am CST
Hi people,What do you think of the current indo-Pak relations? Do you think war is the only option left or both countries should collaboratively try to root out terrorism from both countries. Now that we know that the planning of Mumbai attacks was done in Pakistan , the relations between the 2 countries have deteriorated severely.Also, Pakistan has himself agreed that Taliban is controlling many things there. So what is the option with Indian government ? What do you feel about this issue?
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@kumarpslv (3216)
• India
17 Feb 09
The main reason for the behavior of the Pakistan is that it is not actually ruled by the elected government and on behalf of the Government the terrorists and militants are ruling their people and they are the deciding authorities of their foreign affairs.It is not at all possible maintain the smooth relationship with those,for Indian givernment until the Pakistan Government is Independent.India had attempted several times to have a good relationship. But at the starting they used to co-operate with India, later will turn against India. The only solution is to force Pakinstan against its usual practice with the help of world nations and war should be the final one, that too in unavoidable situation.
@shiva529 (285)
• India
17 Feb 09
hi the current indo- pak relations are worse after 26/11 attacks..i don't think war is the only solution to fight against terrorism..because both the countries are facing many internal problems, during this time war can affect the economic development drastically..Pakistan should take necessary measures to control terrorist activities in their land before the things go wrong..if the above things are noticed by Pakistan then war is the solution to India...
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@rashmie (948)
• United Arab Emirates
4 Apr 09
The situation has drastically been changed since you started this discussion. there are responses which are pessimistic. However, I think we need to support the democracy in Pakistan. For india a democrat pakistan is always best suited. The relation is coming on track with slow speed as usual...hope everything will be right in the coming days....
@subha12 (18449)
• India
5 Mar 09
War or no War, the relation is very bad now. I think the whole nation knows it.I think there are more Pakistan could have done. Now the country is out of control of Civilian Government, they may still deny it.
• India
19 Feb 09
War is definitely not a long lasting solution for any problem. And most importantly during this recession neither of the countries is in a position to carry on with the war for too long. Even as both the countries are nuclear powers so any such war may give rise to a nuclear war and that won't be good for mankind. The only likely solution is that Pakistan should be boycotted by every other nation economically. Severe economic sanctions must be imposed against it.
• India
18 Feb 09
The status now is that even Pakistan has lost control over its security. Not Indian cities alone but even Pakistan's cities are under the threat of attack by the Taliban.In a way, without US support Pakistan is in no position to bring the Taliban under control.US President has lost confidence in the sincerity of Pakistan to bring terror under control. In these circumstances Pakistan has no choice other than to collaborate with Indian Government to root out terror. But that will be an open admission of Pakistan's failure. It would first mean they must restore faith of the Indian Government. For that to happen they must handover the other accused in 26/11. If they do that they will first be under attack. Thus they are in a double bind right now. Only striking at the root of Taliban by external agencies like US and the simultaneous consolidation of their control by Pakistan Government while trying to rein in the Taliban when they are in considerably weakened position only can give Pakistan a handle on their present plight. Till this happens, there will be only diplomatic diversionary statements, and not any purposeful action. Well on India's part we need to develop our own Terror neutralizing technique, before we can gain Pakistan's trust by helping them against Taliban.
@vishwaskg (514)
• India
17 Feb 09
Hi Abhi... [i]Its not only the optin of the Government of India ,but also the responsibilities come to other Nations around the world as well. The situation is deteriorating really fast in Pakistan , and India must take precautions to prevent unwanted damage along its border,at the same time India ,must gather International pressure on situation in Pakistan. Only time can tell ,whats worse is coming upon Pakistan,till then we should make sure our defenses are ready for any element of surprise. [/i]