Do you feel the craving for something over the time?

February 17, 2009 6:03am CST
Do you feel the craving for something over the time? Have you ever felt craving for some food item over the time. I have somehow feeling the craving for the choclates. I just feel like having chocolate so much. I am having a lot of chocolates these days but still do not feel satisfied. PLease suggest some measures to overcome the craving!!!
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@gelay07 (589)
• Philippines
19 Feb 09
the only thing to stop craving is to get yourself the thing you are craving for. i crave like almost everyday and it does change everyday. like today, i would like to eat and crave for M&ms and cooked banana where you dip fish paste with hot chili on it. yum!
@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
17 Feb 09
Yes, this craving is natural. It happens to all of us. It is not because we lack anything, but because we do not know who we really are. We think we are so and so as taught to us by our parents, friends and society, but that may not be the truth. Since we are carrying with us this false identity, we crave for things .
@anneshirley (1516)
• Philippines
17 Feb 09
Hi there! Craving for food is not just for pregnant women. The reason we crave for food has something to do with our emotions and our stimulus. I do crave for some foods from time to time and I am not depriving myself for that. The reason we crave for this food is because our body needs the nutrients from that food. So go on, eat as much as you want just remember to have exercise after indulging in so much food.
• Philippines
17 Feb 09
When I'm craving for something especially the ones that I shouldn't be eating, I try to think of the other things in my head. In that way, I could forget what I what somewhat easily. Lately I've been craving for clubhouse, so I'm making myself and my dad every snack time. That's something I'd make healthy for both of us. I love food a lot, and when I think sweets, there are times I couldn't resist. I love brownies and cakes. What I do to hold back my cravings, I watch tv so I couldn't think about it. Or sometimes I look on the internet for a better alternative to eat that is close to what I crave. I somewhat a health freak, I know. Lol
@aisaellis22 (6449)
• United States
17 Feb 09
Hello dropofrain! I am craving of raw mango now. I am always craving for it especially if my monthly period will almost come. I also love chocolates too but I don't know why I am not looking for it today..hehehe..