classmate and friend encounter, help!

February 17, 2009 6:55am CST
a guy classmate of mine ask my friend if my friend likes me and wants to court me. The friend just remained silent even if how many times my classmate ask my friend. And i was really shocked at that time. After, My classmate asked me if my friend is courting me, then I said eeww. (expression of disgust) then my friend then commented on what I said, something about why i said it. My classmate is weird coz why'd he ask that? Just because my friend is always teasing me? then my friend is also weird, coz he didn't even bother to say eew or to show that he is not more than a friend.!! Why is that? help me mylotters, my mind is boggling
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@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
18 Feb 09
haha =D There's a love triangle here now ^_^ MAybe your friend is trying to test your classmate out or that he's really interesyed in u.. hehe ^_^ I guess your classmate is trying to play hard to get by remaining silent.. Because he knows that if he were to react, the answer will be very obvious for all to see.. Or it's just that your classmate needs more time to think and thus hes always acting like this ^_^
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• Philippines
17 Feb 09
hello there, miss lonely. your classmate is trying to see if your friend has some intentions on you. you know about people who are not really sure about what's going on and just wants to really know how things are going? anyway, your friend is kind of unsure himself. he is most probably still weighing things that's why he cannot afford to say a flat yes or a flat no for an answer. your friend surely likes you a lot. if he has no intentions of courting you, then he could have easily denied having any interest in you. so, if you like your friend a lot, you might as well consider that he is on the testing grounds right now.