would you txt a friend asking them to sleep with u

February 17, 2009 7:11am CST
hi i was sitting with one of my male friends who is good looking and funny. we were just having a coffee. when he got a text, as soon as he got it he show it to me rigth away. it was from a girl we both know, whom we both have not seen for about 4-5 weeks asking him if they whated to get together to sleep togeter, she also said she knew it was out the blue. he seemed really shock about this, when i ask him what he was going to do he just said he was going to do nothing not even text her back, and then act as if nothing hapen next time he see her. she is good looking, but a bit stuck up.and he has been hurt by a girl in the past, now he puts a front up and people think he is a player when really he has not has a girl friend for months. what do you think about this would you send a text to a frind asking them to sleep with you. or have you had someone do that to you.
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@abhi_dude (127)
• India
17 Feb 09
sending text for asking to sleep is not an out of the blue thing if you know each other well and are in a relationship because you know that you are comfortable doing that. but this case appears strange and reflects insecurity on part of the girl. She is probably alone and was frustrated with nobody on Valentine's day and just wants casual fun . The relations would degrade between the two if the boy agrees but if he just wants to have fun he probably should go ahead
17 Feb 09
yes its toally up to him i feel glad that he can open up to me as am a female and he has had a hard time with the last girlfriend he had who cut him bad.at the moment i tink its best to recover before he starts one new relationship with a new girl. what do you think