are family friendly companies always fair?

February 17, 2009 7:28am CST
Family friendly companies are those companies who are family oriented where in benefits are given to those with family. Is this really the concept? Are they really fair? Or is it just fair for those with family? (maternal or paternal) Or does it mean another thing?
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• Philippines
17 Feb 09
i believe that this concept of a company being family friendly is a good thing in itself. it encourages families to be whole and wholesome. right now, we know how shaky families have become. how sensitive are the foundations of families are right now. they get bombarded from almost anywhere by one problem after another. most families crumble. the foundations are not that strong to take all the bombardments, thus families break apart. these are heart rending situations which are truly happening. if companies are around to help ease out this problem about families breaking, it would be good to have them. i have the concept that they are encouraging better bonding among family members. this is a step at making closer families ties, then.
• Philippines
19 Feb 09
true, but am thinking about the benefits provided by the company can be fair really fair to all of its employees. Some companies tried flextime in order to make it family friendly or even leaves with pay if necessary.