My First Time Will Not Work?

Sri Lanka
February 17, 2009 7:58am CST
I tried to sell one Ebay for first time.But it seems I can't sell it.No-one is bidding.What is your ideas? This is ma first time.But I hoped anything like this. What a shame!
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@timhinyy (1653)
• United States
19 Feb 09
problem is alot of people are afraid to bid on items from new users afraid they could be phonies someone trying to pull something and there has been a lot of frauds from africa with fake mo and such so probably just people trying to be careful has nothing to do with u just be paitent takes time to build up a selling reputation i used to sell on there b4 and someone got into my account so ebay closed my account just been back on there since xmas made a decent amount of sales more then i was expecting be paitent if you have a good product to sell someone will buy it
@stinge (808)
• United States
18 Feb 09
How many day or weeks have you been trying to sell your item? And how many other people are selling the same item can be difficult for you to sell yours. Sometimes it depends how much your item is in demand. For example, I had a Blackberry 8800 cell phone 2 yrs ago. It's been sitting in my house in perfect shape, original box and all. I have been through 2 phones since. I just recently switched from a Motorola Q to the new Blackberry Bold. I thought of selling my old Blackberry 8800 a few months ago so I checked to see how many people wer eselling theirs, and also to see if there were any bids on these phones. It didn't surprise me that no one was bidding or buying these phones at all. 2 new blackberrys just came out, the Blackberry Bold for at&t and the Blackberry Storm for verizn. So trying to sell an older model phone when a newer one just came out will be pretty tough. It may be a long wait because everyone is saving money for the newer improved Blackberrys. I might be better off trying to sell my old phone to someone in person for a cheap price rather than on ebay. But either way it's going to be tuff, because even if I sell the phone at $50 like I'm planning, no one wants the old moldel. They want the new phones. Now if you go on ebay and type in Blackberry Bold, you will see them selling at very high prices, and I'm pretty sure there are a few people biding on them. But every now and then there's someone looking for a discount on an older item and they come along and buy it. It may take a while, but it happens. Good luck with your ebay selling.
@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
17 Feb 09
well i know some expert sellers and they say it is a very hard time to sell stuff on ebay, so i wouldnt worry about it. hang in there, things are bound to get better soon! best of luck!
@eagle_f15 (2052)
• Malaysia
17 Feb 09
Hello....I am selling in ebay as well with this same ID in can check it out. Just be patient and wait. Once you sell the first thing...the momentum gets going. When I started selling I also waited for some time before my first item got sold and then the momentum picked up. Even until today there are times when nobody is bidding on my things. So I just leave the account there to run by itself and constantly update things and relist get your first breakthrough...don't give up....