How you will spent Dragobete day? it`s like Valentine`s day, but ...

@delkar (1716)
February 17, 2009 8:26am CST
Do you know something about Dragobete? It will be on 24 febr. It`s a tradition in Romania, and it`s the same as Valentine`s day. You can make a big surprize to you hubby if you`ll make him.her a gift on 24 febr. I`m sure that she/he don`t have any clue about that. They will be so amased.. try it! You`ll see. In Romania, we spend Valentines`s day more than Dragobete, now, but some years ago, we only had Dragobete. But we celebrate 2 days of love. Valentine`s day and Dragobete. It`s so nice..
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