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@mz_Ira (1091)
February 17, 2009 12:04pm CST
Right! I am assigned to do a health teaching with regards to Family Planning for these people in the community.. As adults and experienced person, how would you approach the people about the planning? knowing that they are the priority that needs to be educated about the planning.
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@vanities (11409)
• Davao, Philippines
18 Feb 09
hi mz_Ira...when im still affiliated with a certain group in a church we , together with my hubby give also some lectures on family those couple before their wedding day..its like a part of the requirements from the church itself that they should attend to..and its free ..and i love doing it ..but due to some circumstances beyond our control we are not active anymore its a sad thing actually since i missed doing that...well i guess we just orient them first and give them the pros and cons of having so many children...
@mz_Ira (1091)
• Philippines
18 Feb 09
wow! Can you please help me about it? I really have no idea on what to discuss.. I dont really know because some of the guests attending our program are mothers of 4 or more children adn I really dont have an idea how and what strategy.. PLease
• United States
18 Feb 09
I would do a bit of background research as well. Find out who you will be teaching, what their concerns are, etc. I would explore the gambit of what you can teach with the link already provided, but then do a quick anonymous question section. Give each person there a piece of paper and tell them to write on it anonymously what they have a question about in regard to family planning. They can fold them up and turn them in to you so that you can then base what you're going to teach around their questions. It's just a quick shot glance of what they want, but at least you can get a feel for their needs. I'd then be yourself. Keep it as real as possible. I'm a Cosby fan and grew on the Cosby Show, so this reminds me of when he's to go and teach the young men a family planning class. I think we can learn a bit from that about keeping it real. Hope all goes well. Namaste-Anora
@daneg33 (1131)
• Canada
17 Feb 09
Well, you could do a little bit of research and then prepare an outline or overview on what you will be teaching them. You can read up here: Hope that helps!