a girl told me that she thought that i`m 28 and i`m married and i have kids too

@delkar (1715)
February 17, 2009 3:43pm CST
The truth it`s that i`m 21, i`m single, and as you really think, i don`t have any kids, or i don`t know that i have any. When that girl told me that, i was shocked. I didn`t know how to react. When i went to the bathroom, i saw myself in the mirror, and try to think what she saw, that she was thinking i`m that old and having a wife and kids.
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• Philippines
17 Feb 09
hi! that is because your a bit bigger than your age that is why the girl assume that your older and has family. that is normal i guess because people see things as based on their own biases. if her idea of a 21 year old guy is slim, punky, retro and all that then you are the opposite of that surely she will tell you your too old for your age. accept it constructively, well fix yourself dress as your old try to avoid wearing polo hehehe coz it creates an idea of maturity and maturity is almost of the same level to getting old. hope this one helps. stay young and keep on smiling.
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@delkar (1715)
• Romania
18 Feb 09
i`m not wearing old clothes at all. Try to see my photos from my profile. You`ll see that . I don`t think that clothes make me look older. It`s not that. I think that it`s that thing, with the slim guy, because i have 85 kg and 1,73 m . I`m not fat and not a slim guy at all. Maybe because i like to have a beard?
@krupesh (2608)
• India
18 Feb 09
You look how the girl has asked you.It doesn't matter as you like so many people will get the girl you want...so dont worry