my fish baracuda

my fish baracuda - my fish named baracuda
@coolchai (748)
February 18, 2009 10:18am CST
my mom gave me a flower horn during my late grandmother's bday. it was just a half inch when i had him/her, i really dont recognize its gender. now its more than 5 inches long and its horn its already showing. he always reminds me of my late father, my father loved him, he usually plays with him, like putting his hand on the acqarium as my father move his hands from right to left, then left to right. baracuda would always follow his hand as if he is holding something.
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20 Feb 09
The flowerhorn cichlid is a hybrid fish crossed between two different kinds of cichlids. some say that one of the base parents is the trimaculatum cichlid which is a very aggressive cichlid. Anyway you need to get this fish n a larger tank so that yo do not stunt it. You may ask why stunting a fish will hurt it? Well the problem is that the out side of the fish will stop or gr3atly slow down in growing but the internal organs will keep on growing. This will stress the fish and a stressed fish has lower resistance to diseases thereby will get sick easier.Just because a Betta can live in a quart or less of water does not mean that it is right to keep them in that small an amount of water and larger fish such as flower horn cichlids should be kept in at least a 55 gallon tank to be and stay healthy.
@coolchai (748)
• Philippines
1 Nov 17
Thanks for sharing