You like to make new friends? Like to talk? Like to do some trials and get paid?

United States
February 18, 2009 12:57pm CST
OK, You can make money but yes you have to invest some time...:) But it is fun. You can do a trial for blockbuster or a new dietpill or a book club and make money while doing so. Meet new people and have a blast chatting with them. This can be a long term income but it is not a get rich quick thing. I can send you screenshots of my paypal of income to proof it works :) Let's say you have like $5 or $10 on your CC to spare to do a trial (they mostly just make you pay for shipping) and a few hours later you get paid $40 for having done 1 or 2 trials (which you don't need to keep) -- so your profit is like $30 ! Sounds good? Let me know and I will help you doing this. It all happens over a forum so all you need to do is sign up there and we can start :)
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