My throat is sore whats good for sore throats?

woman sick in bed - being sick is really lame.
@apples99 (6561)
United States
February 18, 2009 2:58pm CST
Ahhhh I'm sick, Iv come down with some sort of cold I have a sore throat and hot and cold chills, and I was in denial for a while, but now I realize that I have a cold and I have to deal with it. well any way is there anything besides the typical and obvious things that I could try to get rid of this sore throat?
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@muru1950 (963)
• India
20 Feb 09
Hi apples99 For sore throat the best home remedy is salt water gargling only. Take a glass of warm water ,mix a spoon of table salt into it and then do gargling with that water. You may do it every two hour or so as per your comfort. Take lot of hot fluids such as hot water,tea,lemon tea and soups. As you also have cold,it is only a viral infection.It will be al right in 2,3 days. Take a paracetamol tablet for your cold.Take complete rest. You will be fine in 2.3 days. Happy mylotting.
@amy1999 (13)
• India
19 Feb 09
Dear apples99 its a bad thing you're down with cold.i know how sick one can feel when youre done with sore throat and bad cold well try taking hot water steam thrice a day for min 5 min and have hot milk with one tsp of tumeric powder (better when you have home made powder free from adulteration) before going to bed and have more of warm fluids, sip it while hot.. tuck yourself early to bed. try this out for 3 days and youre sure to be back up.this is a sure remedy for sore throat cause tumeric acts as an anti-biotic. get well soon.
@alicia812 (648)
• Australia
19 Feb 09
Hi apples. For me, the most effective practical remedy for sore throat is warm water and a tablespoon of salt. I use this to gargle every hour until my throat feels better and the soreness is gone. This is very effective. You may want to give this a try.
@mysdianait (66218)
• Italy
18 Feb 09
Oh gosh apples! That makes three friends on my list today that are sick with the same symtoms. Seems like some sort of epidemic I usually do a glass of hot milk with honey and put myself under the covers. It's usually much better in the morning and either is a cold ot it's vanished. I hope the latter is what will happen for you Talke care!
@aweins (4200)
• India
18 Feb 09
hi apples99, my dear friend, it is really bad to hear that you are suffering from sore throat. my hubby also suffers from that but now he is taking precautions. ou can tr taking marshmallows they are helpful. basicaly a marshmallow root tea is ood for sore throat. it is usually made by adding one tablespoon of the dried root to the cup of boiling water steeping it covred for atleast ten minutes. and then you an strain it off. you can take that three times a day. even a pregnany women or a nursing mother can take that tea. i also know a very old home remedy for sore throat. it is a tea made with apple cider vinegar, lemon, cayenne and honey. it is made by adding one tea spoon of apple cider vinegar , a tiny inch of cayenne pepper, the juice of one fourth lemon and one teaspoon of honey to a cup of hot water. stir it and drink it. this you can take four cups a day. i hope trying these will help you because my hubby got relief from his by taking the help of these .
@Humbug25 (12551)
18 Feb 09
Hey apples99 I am sorry to hear that you are not well and I would advise you to get a cup of boiled water and squeeze some fresh lemon juice into it with a large teaspoon of honey. Take a paracetamol with it and put yourself to bed for an early night and get plenty of sleep!! Take care!