Taking out the pronoun "I"

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February 18, 2009 5:47pm CST
This discussion is along the same lines as my previous converation on "you" being that it is focused on the ego, but this is an exercise in detaching the observer self from the ego. The ego loves to be number one. When you try to detach from it, it panics and begins to start rationalizing why it should be number one. For those who are familiar with Eckhart Tolle's work this will be very familiar territory, as well as those familiar with more metaphysical works such as the Kabbalah studies that I've mentioned before by Lyam Christopher. The exercise is go one entire day (24 hours) without using the pronoun "I". Humans have this need to "name" things in this world. For example, we wake up one morning and see something growing from the ground that is soft, moves in the wind, and carries with it a fragrance more delightful then anything we've smelled before. So, in order to "control it" we name it. We ruin it by calling it a "flower", instead of just enjoying it. The same is true when we speak. We tend to refer to everything as "I". "I think", "I feel", "I am", etc. We detach from the ego the moment we realize that there is no "I". The ego will respond violently to this at first, but eventually the observer is able to detach and live. It does not mean that one should go forever without using pronouns. This experiment is merely to show you who the observer is and help you detach so that you then recognize the patterns of thoughts that the ego carries on within the self. I would ask that those that are wanting to try the experiment and then respond with your results, how you felt, what you learned, and so forth. If you have done such an experiment before, do feel free to share your thoughts. Namaste-Anora
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
19 Feb 09
Something exactly like that has never been attempted but for the use of the pronoun 'we'. There is no real stress on the individual and more on the group. Usually this challenge was given to students in writing a letter to a friend, telling their friends what they did without using the pronoun 'I'. The majority failed. It was observed that those who succeeded were the ones who tend to put the interests of their group before their personal interests. all the best, rosdimy
• United States
19 Feb 09
Thank you for sharing Rosdimy. Yes, it's interesting how we, the human being can be so deeply connected with our "ego" that the ego convinces us that we must put ourselves into the action. That we cannot, without practice, become the observer. For me, meditation has helped great in becoming the observer of my actions so that I can move forward. As you said, it does not have be done forever, but to do it a few times to become fully aware of oneself is worthwhile. Thank you for sharing the experiences of the group versus the self. We definately need more of that line of thinking in the United States. Namaste-Anora