Stimulus or Porkulus

@pauld43 (194)
United States
February 18, 2009 9:01pm CST
What do you think about the stimulus package, is it stimulus or is it a pork barrel spending spree? I think it is a pork laden spending package of unprecedented proportions. It is hard to believe that the democrats have the audacity to shove this down the American citizens throat. I don't think too highly of the democratic party, but I didn't think that they would do something this ridiculous. I hope the American people are watching and taking notes. Maybe America will wake up before it is too late.
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20 Feb 09
Stimulus is the most rediculous thing in the world. TAXPAYERS are bailing out stupid people who have done stupid mistakes. 92% of the average Americans are current on their mortgages. The big banks are too big to bail. The medicine will worse with the oprinting of more money... There is nothing in the constitution that requires us to bail out anybody..
@mscott (1924)
• United States
19 Feb 09
I think something needed to be done and there are some good points to it, however, it was rushed through and there were too many little pet projects and paybacks added. There are billions of dollars added that won't help the majority of people and were clearly add ons and paybacks to "supporters" when that money could have gone to really help the economy. That money plus the 75 billion for homeowners today, plus the Tarp, plus the bank bailout that is yet to come and our country is now so far indebted our generations to come are really screwed.