Agents of Illegal Immigration not meeting quotas

@mscott (1924)
United States
February 18, 2009 10:01pm CST
SO I just read this article about how agents are supposedly being pressured to increase arrest and bust more illegal immigrants. I am bothered by this article for a number of reasons. First, there shouldn't be a quota they should just be doing there job. If after being told they needed more arrests they went out and busted a bunch of people they should be fired. Not because they made arrests but because they are only arresting people to meet quotas. They should be arresting people all the time because that is there job. They shouldn't arrest people wrongfully but if they are doing it right they should just be doing it. Next is the fact that people are complaining that the agents are using racial profiling in making arrest. Now I am no genius but I would guess that a majority of illegal immigrants in this country are from certain places. Granted there are probably some from all over the world but if you go to a place that has been reported as having Hispanic illegal immigrants when you get there are you not going to stop a certain group who is standing around looking for work? Why would you stop everyone who pulls up at the 7-11 to buy a slurpy when you went there on a tip about a certain group. Is racial profiling right, no, but if you are looking for illegal immigrants in the US isn't there a certain group that is more likely to be illegally here, especially in certain areas? I am not trying to racist or stereotypically, I am merely stating a fact. If you had a report that some white guys just robbed pizza hut and were running around down town would you go there and question all the black or Asian women you saw? Probably not. If the report said there were illegal Hispanic workers at a particular place why would you stop everyone else to question them?
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