What clans are you in?

United States
February 19, 2009 7:24am CST
I recently( like last month) joined a clan called "Crimson Angelz" It is a 85+ clan for Runescape. What clans are you in? Have you ever been in one? Ever been kicked from one? How was your experience?
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@060157 (1060)
• Pakistan
22 Feb 09
i have never been in a clan but personally clans do not interest me in runescape since i like it solo in the game. i would feel restricted to clan activities. and i dont think that clans are only for people who are into pking... but maybe it's the fact that i haven't played this game much on the members server so i don't see the need of a clan. anyways, i am a clan member in Call of Duty 4 and it is so much more fun to play in clan matches than just playing it with a random team. this is my second clan, the first one was dissolved.
• United States
24 Feb 09
I know what you mean, however you are not restricted to a certain activity in all clans. There are generally three kinds of clans out there. Skiller clans ( mostly whenever you want to skill together) , Pking Clans ( Bounty Hunger and stuff of that sort) and just regular Clans ( normally the rule is just to attend one event a month at least make a comment on the forums off and on not too often normally). I am a clan moderator at Crimson Angelz. I have been in there only since like December, but I love it! They have more p2p events, so being f2p it is great for me cause I only attend the f2p ones, and that is when I can come. In clans you mostly just meet your family so to speak. People who you can have conversations with while doing stuff. It is fun I totally reccomend joining one.