economic recession

February 19, 2009 9:04am CST
what, according to you, is recession?....Are you really affected by it
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@goldeneagle (6774)
• United States
19 Feb 09
We passed RECESSION a while ago...I think we are headed into a full-out DEPRESSION...
@delkar (1715)
• Romania
19 Feb 09
this crisis will affect all of us sooner or later. I think that we can combat this just by buying our products only. You should only buy products that are made in your country, to help your producers keep their workers ,and so, all it`s gonna be so good in your country, and soon ,you`ll be out of this crisis. That it`s what all the countries should do. Becaufe of the greediness of some, we all suffer!
@tudors (1556)
• China
19 Feb 09
Yeah, I've been affected by the financial recession. bad thing is investment is harder and more risky, it's hard to earn money through the bank. good thing is the prices for many things are decling especially car price. It doesn't shake my job.
• Hong Kong
19 Feb 09
Of course, everyone is affected by it. Everyone is talking about it. I now even have difficulties in looking for enough money for next month's insurance payment. Sigh...
@Ganesh44 (5547)
• India
19 Feb 09
Recession has become a famous song today Yes it is affecting rising inflation ,job cuts are affecting most of us