What can you do in saving mankind?

February 19, 2009 12:57pm CST
Recently we hear every corner of news, radio, internet and television about many things had happen in our world resolving mankind. Children abuse, hunger, war, crime, family breakdown, society breakdown. We see this everyday of our life. Parents divorce effect the children. War kill and destroy the hope of every children to grow well in life. What do you feel when you see or hear this? Can u ask yourself "What can i do or contribute to save mankind? What if I have the power to change everything, like Bruce Almighty? And what can I sacrifice for myself and others to make this world a better world to live on?" Ask yourself. It's sad right to see and hear all of this. An innocent child lost his/her parents because of war. If you have the will, power and money to save mankind, what will you do?
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