A Very Duggar Wedding

@cripfemme (7710)
United States
February 19, 2009 9:57pm CST
The oldest Duggar child, for those of you who don't know who the Duggars are, they are that religious family with seventeen kids ad one on the way who is always on Discovery Chanel, got married to sweetheart Anna Keller in 2008. Josh seems like a very nice young man and Anna seems to love him. I watched the end of their special however, and was a little perturbed. First of all, apparently Anna was never in charge of herself and was never supposed to be. According to her dad, the authority over her transitions from him to Joshua on the occasion of their marriage. What decade is it? Secondly, Anna is supposed to yield to Josh's authority "to the extent that it is healthy" I suppose that they had to put that in there because too many conservative men thought that having this authority meant that you could beat your wife or order her to murder someone for you and expect to be obeyed. Again, I'm sorry, what decade is it? The last thing I found weird was that they were in to letting God determine how many children they will have. I understand that not everyone agrees with the practice of birth control, however I wonder if practicing the rhythm method goes against their belief system to. As I said before, Josh and Anna seem very much in love from what I can gather from the TV. But I wonder how much choice they really had in picking each other, or did their dads do it for them? What do you think? Were you creeped out by this special too, if you watched it?
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@SomeCowgirl (32254)
• United States
24 Feb 09
I have heard of the family and caught a glimpse of the family did not realize that one had married. I guess that people still do believe in that kind of stuff, and I do think that it is wrong, however I also have other views on it that I won't get into here on this discussion. They are not bad or disgusting views if you may at all, but I'll admit that I am not quite sure of the views I have on this.
@Jae2619 (1484)
• United States
20 Feb 09
I watched that a little while back and thought about that myself, and wondered how much of this we really didn't see. They didn't kiss until their wedding day, barely done anything together, or alone... How can you truely know how you feel about this person if you never can or never do anything with out everyone watching you. When showing emotions you have to be able to feel something and I don't know if they really have that choice. I do think it was sorta arranged to a point, because they want their children to marry girls/boy with the same beliefs and so on. Which that is their choice, but I don't think I could ever yeild to my husbands authority, we are equal.
@JanMags (725)
• Philippines
20 Feb 09
my brother is a fundamentalist and he has been telling me and my husband about this authority thing. i try so hard to respect my brother's beliefs but i still cannot understand the concept of authority and submitting to one's husband. well at least my bro and his wife seem very happy. that's a consolation
• Canada
20 Feb 09
I did not see this special, but now I will look for it. As a feminist that would really creep me out. My husband and I believe in equality, and not in authority. We have some family and friends who believe in this fundamental practice, and it creeps us out completely.