Do you use Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox to surf the Internet?

@rajfoe (354)
February 20, 2009 7:36am CST
Hi friends do you use Internet explorer/Mozilla firefox to surf the internet. I use Internet explorer. But most of my friends say that Mozilla is too good. What do you have to say friends? Happy mylotting
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@dragon54u (31646)
• United States
20 Feb 09
I prefer Firefox. I hate change and was reluctant to try it but it's so much better than IE. With IE, I always get an error message that wants me to debug a page, Firefox never gives me errors and it's more secure against viruses.
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@angemac23 (2005)
• Canada
20 Feb 09
I used to use internet explorer but now for the last year or so I have been using firefox and like it a lot.
@Llonorra22 (1150)
• Philippines
21 Feb 09
We have that both in our pc but I always use Mozilla because it's a lot faster.Happy posting...
@dlr297 (5418)
• United States
20 Feb 09
I like Mozilla Firefox when i am on line. I get no pop ups at all. with internet explorer even with the pop up blocker you still get them. and for some reason my computer seem to freeze up all the time with ie, and it doesn't do it with fire fox. Have a good day........
@kun2349 (23464)
• Singapore
20 Feb 09
I'm using internet explorer right now, and have been using it for more than 9 years, i guess.. hehe ^_^ YEah, i have heard about how good firefox is, but i have not try and tested it out myself yet.. lol =D If it's really that good, i wont mind changing over to firefox, if the speed there is faster too ^_^ haha
@lkbooi (16100)
• Malaysia
20 Feb 09
Hi rajfoe, I have been using Mozilla Firefox as my browser for nearly two years. I am really familiar with its functions and find quite convenience to use it to surf web all the time. It could serve its purpose extremely well. I don’t have to worry all the content I have typed in the typing space, or the open pages would go up in smoke even come across the unexpected power interruption, for the system would save all the stuffs automatically. I always update my browser to the latest version when asked. So far I haven’t encountered any problem in using it. It would restore as usual rapidly even facing interrupted exception occasionally So I feel reluctant to shift to other browser to get on the internet. Happy posting and have a nice day.
@fsound (757)
• Philippines
20 Feb 09
I'm using Mozilla Firefox. Gone are the good days of Internet Explorer.
@derek_a (10898)
20 Feb 09
I use Mozilla Firefox to surf the Internet because when I upgraded to IE7, I had nothing but problems. It was freezing and crashing, so I decided to go back to IE6, but found I could not do that. Anyway, I have found Firefox "knocks spots" of IE, but it took a little getting used to. Derek
• India
20 Feb 09
I usually prefer Mozilla than the internet explorer..It is more realiable and also it will have more options than the internet explorere..I love mozilla.I had been using mozilla for 5 years..And also mozilla supports more addons than the internet explorere..Mozilla is the king of all the web browsers..Gid posting..happy mylotting my dear friend....