A widow remembers her husband

@maximax8 (31164)
United Kingdom
February 20, 2009 1:44pm CST
One year ago a man was fishing in my local coastal town but the sea was rough that day and it is thought he was swept out to sea when a high wave hit. Some people had seen him fishing but nobody saw him go. A search and rescue service looked for him. Sadly he wasn't found. His wife was so upset and his two year wondered where he was. His wife thinks he is dead but the law says a death certificate can't be issued until 7 years after he went missing. She still gets household bills addressed to both of them and letters for him asking him to get in contact. I feel so sorry for the lady and her three year old son. She feels she can't get on with her life. What do you think?
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@amanda333 (739)
• France
22 Feb 09
Its very sad, I suppose she can't really get on with her life, its the waiting game
@sweetyethot (1737)
• China
21 Feb 09
If I could talk to the lady,I would tell her to move on with the thought that her ex_husband went on a long vacation _ seven years you say without even letting her know.Thats depressing!Or she can keep the false hope that he'll come back in 7 years.She should be strong_minded coz she has a little son to bring up.
@checapricorn (16049)
• United States
20 Feb 09
[i]Hi maxima, That is very sad and very tough for this lady. But, for the past 7 years, I guess it is also very hard to believed that the guy is still alive. But, that is the law, there is always hope you know! I hope they will be able to move on and pain will heal from this sad and tragic experience![/i]
@maximax8 (31164)
• United Kingdom
20 Feb 09
Hi there Checapricorn. Sometimes in life it is better to have knowledge rather than uncertainty. I imagine the lady loved her husband and was devastated when he didn't come after his fishing trip. Yes, it is difficult to be sure the man is alive. Hope is one thing that got me by in a difficult time in my life. That was when I found out about my son having spina bifida. Thanks for your great response.
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@xboxboy (5578)
20 Feb 09
that is so difficult. But we all remember Darwin the 'canoe' man. that case has tarnished the thoughts and emotions of those who suffer genuine lose. God bless your local wife's loss. Life can be cruel.
@faith210 (11232)
• Philippines
21 Feb 09
Hi maximax8! That is really very sad. I do wish that lady and her son the best and hope they could move on somehow. It is very unfortunate that things like this happens to a family. I do understand that the lady is having so much difficulty to move on because there is no closure. Take care and have a great day! lovelots..faith
21 Feb 09
That is awful - I can understand they have to give it time to issue the deasth certificate but, surely 7 years is too long? Although you do hear of people who went missign years ago returning as I heard about one who had lost his memory so in fact he didn't know where to go to go home! I guess maybe that is why they have these procedures in place but, I agree it is a long time and must be very hard for her! x
@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
21 Feb 09
This is very tradgic for the young widow. However there are many stories of people faking their deaths, so I think I'd need mote information before making judgement on this particular case.