Why it happened ?

February 20, 2009 5:29pm CST
Hello everyone here Ji, There has been a discussion here (it is still going on), "Do you know the birth date of your parents", and there have been more than 70 responses. I have observed a clear picture that all responses by members over 60+ yrs went negative, and all youngsters are very much aware about DOB of parents, even in some cases about grand-parents as well. My point of discussion is how these things are related?. Is it because of education awareness, in my case, my grand-mother was a illiterate, my mother was a Primary std., I am graduate and my children and their spouses are all post-graduate. I found some responses, that even parents DOB have been used as bank-codes, so taht they would rememebr DOB. Please be frank and opine, why old people do not remember DOB of their parents. may god bless you and have a great time.
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@SomeCowgirl (32255)
• United States
20 Feb 09
I think that in this case many of the elder people either do not remember the date of their parents or grandparents birth because they have forgotten (they are getting older themselves) or because their parents have passed away and they have forgotten the date of which they were born. I guess there are many reasons as to why an elder person can forget a person's birthday, whether it be their own parents (deceased or not), or their children, grandchildren, cousins, neices, nephews, or friend's, children.
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• India
20 Feb 09
Hello my dear SomeCowgirl Ji, So nice of your quick and positive response. In my case, I know my father's DOB, as it is anoted in his Horoscope, whereas my mother's horscope is not available. I do agree not knowing DOB have many strings attatched, memory, less attatchment, unawareness, and ignorance may be taken as broader line of conception. But, on eshould at laest find out upto grand-parents level. May god bless you and have great time.