Help for very Dry Hands

United States
February 20, 2009 10:26pm CST
Are your hands very dry and chapped? Please try Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. It is the best thing I have ever found for dry hands. It heals them and makes them soft again. I have never found anything that works like this stuff does. It is a little pricy (between $4 and $5 U.S. dollars), but is well worth the price. It works wonders and it only takes a small amount so it lasts for awhile. If your hands are suffering, please, please try this stuff. No matter what you have tried before, get a tube of it and try it. I promise, you will love it. Also, don't get their non greasy formula or the one with spf in it. I have bought both of those and neither of them work like the regular hand cream. I also get the non scented just because I'm sensitive to smelly stuff. Their body lotion is a great lotion. It works well, but the hand cream is better. This is my opinion.
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