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February 21, 2009 2:02am CST
How do you study the Latin Terms in Law? What are some constructive ways to get get through the long readings?
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@jazz_123 (211)
21 Feb 09
What are the latin terms in law? :/ Like.... Ultra Vires? (Comes from the topic of delegated legislation) At least I think that's latin! Aha.
• South Korea
21 Feb 09
Well,I have personally never heard of that term. I am studying international law at school right now. It is an undergrad course so there is nothing too deep... but the text is really dense and hard to understand because the author uses alot of latin words. There are so many of those words ae can barely get through the text in a timely manner! It can take me up to three days to read a chapter! I am going insane! So do you by chance have any suggestions as to how I can study a little better?? I will greatly appreciate your answer! Eryn