Do you feel yourself that you are beautifull / handsome

February 21, 2009 3:18am CST
What do you think about yourself? beautiful/handsome smart, intelligent or not? Look what do we feel ourselves we can be that type. If we have a positive attitude about ourself then we can achieve anything. We can do every thing in our life with a positive thinking. What o you think abut this?
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@Hanan_x3 (294)
• United States
30 Mar 09
I am beautiful. I am smart. You can never be happy in this life if you dont love yourself. Loving urself gives you a good attitude and it makes others love you. And yes I believe you are right. We can do anything if we are positive. Even if we don't succeed in wut we are doing, being positive means looking at what you DID achieve.
• India
21 Feb 09
Hi Punmsharma.... A positive attitude is everything in life.Its a state of mind at which impossible is nothing.Its our attitude which helps us fall or grow. Beauty is also a state of mind.Although it may sound philosophical, its a true fact that , internal beauty is what matters. A person may not be beautiful/handsome to look at but may have a very beautiful soul. So one should always look at the brighter and positive aspect of ones personality and make it a strength and it will certainly help achieve milestones in life.
• China
21 Feb 09
self-identification is the best,As long as we enjoy ourselves,we will be able to face ourselves.We are the best,most handsome,the most clever.
• India
21 Feb 09
Well punmsharma,I am quite opposite guy.I am always of a negative attitude guy.Because I strongly believe in astrology and so if I think negatively about a particular matter it will end up in good and smooth way that I wish to be.It happened me in my life from my childhood.I always under estimate myself that I am not a handsome, not fit to do new and risky things.But often I indulge in these activities that I hate most. It works for me I dont know I am right or not but my life is going on like this.I dont want to change this too. Happy myloting