Someone help me I'm curious. I saw this guy with his...

@stinge (810)
United States
February 21, 2009 7:41am CST
I was at the supermarket this morning and this eldery man was walking around with his mouth hanging open. Now I usually laugh at stupid things, and things I'm not suposed to. I know its not right but that's my nature. I really didn't laugh at this guy. Okay I might have chuckled a little bit. But it wasn't the usual bottom lip that hangs open look. It was that look that most elderly people have. The whole entire jaw drop look. Like as if his jaw was stuck in that position. As if he had lock jaw. I was just curious if this is a condition that some people get when they age, Or is it that they can't help it? It's a look that makes them almost seem like they're walking in anger,or frustration LOL.
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@suzzy3 (8342)
24 Feb 09
It sounds like the poor chap was getting over a stroke,or has parkinsons disease or something of the kind,or it could be arthritus a very painful condition laugh I think you need to understand what it is like to get old and just hope people are kinder to you then you were to him.
@stinge (810)
• United States
25 Feb 09
If it counts for anything, this wasn't a discussion I started to poke fun at old people at all. I wasn't walking around the store laughing and pointing at the guy. Yes it did make me smile or chuckle a bit, but I was really curious as to what causes something like that to happen to a person. I never thought of a stroke, or any of the other symptoms that you described. I'm well aware of the fact that our bodies respond and handle things differently with age. Sme of us end up worse off than others. I have seeb people with their mouthes open like that in the past and thought nothing of it. So this time I really wanted to know what can cause such a thing to happen. I knew the guy wasn't just walking around like that for the hell of it.