Abnormal Sleep behaviour forTtoddler-Teeth grinding

February 21, 2009 5:05pm CST
Hello everyone here Ji, Most parents would agree that the most delightful toddler sleep behavior is peaceful snoozing. But your toddler might do all sorts of other things while asleep — some of which might seem strange, even alarming. Most are perfectly normal and no cause for concern, but a few are worth checking into. Let's discuuss one by one. What Babycentre says in its bulletin: http://www.babycenter.com... -more_3656751.bc?page=1 Teeth grinding There are lots of reasons that your toddler might grind his teeth — including tension, anxiety, or pain (from an earache or teething, for example). Allergies or pinworms may also be to blame. In most cases, teeth grinding isn't harmful, and it's likely your child will outgrow the habit without your doing anything about it. Mention it to his dentist, though, so she can check for problems. You might also try soothing your toddler at bedtime with a soak in the tub, a little backrub, and extra cuddling in the rocking chair. May god bless you nad have a great time.
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