it makes me darn mad!!!

God gave us animals to care for not mistreat them - I get so angry when I hear on the news about puppy mills and also all the abandoned cats that suffer. I would love to get my hands on these people and prosecute them and put them in a jail..see how being caged up would feel and be fed as they fed the animals..nothing..
February 22, 2009 12:07am CST
Again a puppy mill was discouvered in our area and the condtion of the dogs was so a man but it brought water to my eyes to see how bad they were and one died right there on camera!I don't understand why the gouvernement won't listen to the people to put laws that you can't raise dogs or any animal without a liscence and they be visited regualarily without notice. Again the other day someone called the spca because 15 dogs were loose and they had been dumped a puppy mill owner because the dogs were no longer breedable. I would like to put them in a cage and treat them the same way. I hate people who care only of money. Many pet shops are no longer accepting to buy puppies and cats unles it is a liscenced breeder. What would you feel like to do to these son of a b'ss
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• United States
22 Feb 09
personally, I don't think there should be a law on it. Yes its horrible, but putting a law on it could have other horrible things happen. (it depends on the wording of the law as to what would happen) Personally, I think that more people should be encouraged to only get their animals from licensed breeders or friends. seriously though wording that implys you aren't allowed to create conditions with two animals you own that would cause them to breed without being licensed, 1: This limits people who WOULDN'T breed too many, and the license would cost, in a way they likely couldn't afford (monetarily, you know to have the conditions checked to see if they are ok.) and the people who WOULD breed too many, would still do it anyway. They would just hide it better. a lock only keeps an honest man honest. I hope that makes sense. Just keep discouraging puppy mills, and speaking against them, possibly join activists against them if you are that concerned, if you see any happening, of course report them, But please. Do me a favor. Keep the government out of it, they are doing a beautiful job screwing up as it is.
• Canada
26 Feb 09
Really!!! You have never been or seen the horrors of a puppy mill! Absolutetly there should be a LAW AGAINST PUPPY MILLS. You shouldn't even need a lock to keep you honest. Speaking against them doesn't work. I'd rather the gouvernement screwing up the puppy mill greedy owners.