Did your father or mother give you money after you work?

February 22, 2009 3:31am CST
I want to know if you father or mother give you money after you out from school,for they may worry about your life in society at first ? i never accept my parents help after i work ,even i lost the job for the first time and had little money in my pocket,i tell myself i have to independent,to overcome the difficulty i meet.or did your father or mother sponsor you when you married/buy the car/other big things but have not enought money to do it ,hope to hear you opion or experience.thanks and have a good day.
2 responses
@fren45 (895)
• Malaysia
22 Feb 09
My mother and father will not give me money once I started to work.. even when He give me also I would not accept it... I'm grown up and I could sustain myself
• China
23 Feb 09
fren 45 ,very good and i think you're a good child for you can think of you parents.i think you father and mother will feel happy that you're grown up .
• China
13 Apr 09
I dont want the money from them but it seems a little difficult for me. My younger sister lost her cell phone last week, while she has no choice but asking for the money. Sometimes unexpect things cause the lacking of money, we have no choice but asking from parents.